Hi, I’m Vishaal, a serial entrepreneur turned cognitive coach.
Welcome to my exploration of the human psyche.

So What's Inside Your Psyche?

Your Core IDentity

Who are you and what are you doing here are the fundamental questions of philosophy. Let's explore the possibilities - backed by research.

Your Belief Structures

What we obtain through our senses, always go through our own perception filters. Let's inquire inside our psyche as to how it works.

Your Decision Making PRocesses

We know that your emotions play an integral part of our behavioural response. Let's discuss the latest research to advance your 'feeling'.

Your Ability To Create Reality

Frequency seems to be the key to unlocking our perceptual reality. Let's learn to untie from automatic processes and expand our awareness.

Cognitive primer workbook

Take an indepth look at my framework and methodology for your cognitive advancement.


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