I consider myself quite a techy guy. I love technology, whether it’s the latest in whiz bang wearables or the newest open source software release. Technology has transformed the way we, as a species communicate and connect across our planet and I love it.

Now that’s big scale thinking, looking at us from the viewpoint of a collective species, sure.

Nothing new for me throughout my career though, having worked with household names in the tech and finance industries I’m generally no stranger to big thinking.

That was until early 2015… the year when that big thinking went cosmic!

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When I learned the truth about our existence, our purpose and overall how our reality actually functions, I knew I had to coherently share the information to the masses. To help understand the foundations – the fabric of our experiential reality, I’ve compiled some of the core teachings from the masters of consciousness expansion. From Metaphysics and Dimensions of creation through to the Human Dysfunction and Ascension, you’re quest for foundational learning stops here.

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With a core understanding of how everything in your experience works, it’s time to maximize your potential. To help bring Humanity into a new state of being, I’ve developed a systematic program to help redesign yourself for a new world. YOU:V2 centers around your mind, body and soul and then takes manifestation to the next level. You’ll learn how to master your creation skills in line with the cosmic laws and transform your lifestyle for the better. It’s time to create a new planet – and it all starts with you. Let’s all level up to V2!

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